wasted christmasss

Meeeeeeeeerrrry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone!

I got sooo wasted on Christmas I think I should have died. HAHA. I mean.... I don't remember drinking THAT much. I remember at the beginning of the night I was just drinking normally and not getting really drunk.... then all of a sudden I wake up and am pukin on my floor. Aw man..... I sure wish THAT didnt happen. HAHA. AH phuck.


When I was walking home from work today I saw Christina's dog by the walkway just wandering around slooowly. Well, I was waiting to cross the street at the time. I was just like ..aww man... Then I pet him when I got to him....poor dog...something was really wrong with his eyes there was like green goo in them and it was gross looking but so sad. He just stood there all sad as I pet him and I was like ooooh :(. I wish I could help the poor thing.

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Loser is all 'Why can't I read your journal, what do you write in there add me add me add me add me.' SO I FINALLY DID. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?! I'm just gonna make all my entries so you cant see them :D bwaAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA

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Haha, I haven't gone one night in like four days without getting really wasted hahaha.........geez. I'm so off drinking ..... till fuckin friday haha blah! I need a break badly though last night was the final straw.

Ahhh I better phone Janine -- I forgottttt.